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f .. .s .. ^^1 



Jj(oc/eJ AA SAE- Ra h'ng 






Amarillo. Texas 
EiHings, MoLit. 
Columbus, Ohio 
Dallas , Texas 
Denver, Colo. 
Des Moines, Iowa 



Farso, N. Dak. Nashville, Tpnn. 

Great Falls, Mont. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Oklahoma City, Olda. 
Omaha, Nebraska 
Peoria, III. 

Hegina, Saak. 
Kockford, 111. 

Salisburv, N. C. 
SiouK Fails, S. D. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 
Waynesboro, Pa. 
Wichita, Kana. . 


Thomson Mach. Co., New Orleans, La. Brock & SMdinore, San Francisoo, CaL 

John Goodison Thresher Co., Sarnia, Ont. O- W. Tarr, Gresham, Orcso'i. 

Miller-Cahoon Co., Murray, Utah, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Tiidhopc, Anderson Co., Winnipeg, Man. 

Form A870 2.5JI-7-1S 

Front view of E-B 12-20 Model AA (cletils removed) 

Specifications of the 
Model AA 

Tractor trade name 

Drawbar H. P .- 

BeltH. P 

Motor make — Bore — Stroke 

No. of Cylinders and Cycle 

Normal speed R. P. M.^ 

Lubrication System Type.. 


Carburetor and Fuel System.. 

Cooling System Type .— . 

lielt Pulley diam.— face— R. P. M 

Transmission Tyf)e 

No. of Speeds Forward — , 

Speed M. P. H.... ., 

.No. of Wheels and arrangement 

No. — Diam. — Face of Drive Wheels 

No. — Diam.— Face of Non-Drive Wheels 

Frame Construction — 

Whcelbase and Tread 

Total width overall 

Total length overall 

Turning Radius 

Total weight less fuel, water, oil and lugs.. 

Shipping weight, including standard equipment 


Kight side view of E-B 12-20 Model AA (cleats removed) 

E-B 12-20 Tractor 
S. A. E. Rating 

- : E-B 12-20, Model AA 

- 12 S. A. E. Rating 

- ___ 20 S. A. E. Rating. 

- .Own — 43^-in. X 5-in. 

- __ 4—4 Cycle 

- : 900 

- Splash with circu. pump. 

- ] ....K. W. 11. T. Magneto. 

-- , __.. Bennett — Gravity Feed. 

- ...Modine I'ladiator with pump. 

- .... 12-in.— 63^-iri.~900. 

Own — Sliding (Jear. 

ZZZ,~ZZZ"a.ow 1,81— High 2.33. 
4 with 2 rear drivers. 

- , 2— 54-in.— 12-in. 

-- I 2 — 36-in. — 6-in. 

-- -Built-up. 

-- ...87-in. — 52-in. 

- 55 inches. 

- 132|^ inches. 

- .....121^ feet. 

- 4355 pounds. 

it 4573 pounds. 

Rear view of E-B 12-20 M(»tl<!l AA (deals removed) 


Left side view of E-B 12-20 Motiel AA (cleats removed) 


The E-B 12-20 Meets To-Dav^s 

Powerful Enough to do the Heavy Work on the Big Farm; 
Farm; Ease of Handling Permits its use by Women and 


Pow(T ill compact fbini thai can be coiilroUed 
with very little physical labor— that's the E-B 12-20 
Mod(;l AA. It's a tractor lighter and no larger 
than the average 8-16 that you are familiar with 
but with power equal to a 15-25. So easily 
handled and controlled that a woraan or boy 
can operate it successfully and perform the work 
of several strong men and ten or twelve big 

11ie E-B 12-20 Model AA is the right size for 
eight out of ten farms, pow^erfol enough to do all 
the heavy work on a big farm yci adapted by its 
small size and ease of handling to tlie 100 acre 

A Iti;^ I.iibor :in<J J [iirsi Smci 


[ .li.l, "i in. Ciiti Do „iih an V.-M 12-20 Mod. -I W 

I'lic liiciil Iracli.r liic Avcrai;!- Fsi; 

I'U.uitif; ;. J.aiK<- A.rt!.igc in Texas with Three E-B 72-20 Model AA Tractor 



Conditions of Farm Service 

Small Enough to he Convenient for use on the 100 Acre 
Boys; Does Wider Range of Work than any Other Tractor 

farm. It will do all the work a reasonable oper- ' , .— . --^. 

ator could expect and do it at a surprisingly low 
fuel cost because you arc not buying fuel to 
move from two to five thousand pounds of excess 
weight around. 

The K-B 12-20 Model A A does a wide range cjf 
work, docs draw bar or belt work equally well and 
it can be used economically on either light or 
heavy work. 

It is a standardized tractor rated according to -^- 
riile adopted by the S. A, E. (Society of Auto- ;^ , . 
motive Engineers) which is only 80% of its ' ,' 

actual power. ^ 

i:-l{ 1:2-21) .■VFoa*l A A aiKi K-R No. 1 nt nis.i I'li.w 



li.ti^li i'lowiiiKwitli :in F.-B 12-20 Mcidil AA 

i:-n 12-20 Model AA <io(->, ltd I Work ;in u.-ll ^^•^ Oraiv Itar Work 

An Ideal Trafitor for Road Wwrk — Small, Powerful, Kasilj Handled 

E-Bi2-2o Model AA 


Emerson-Brantingham Engineers Leaders 
In Tractor Design for Eleven Years 

Originators of Nearly All the Features Used in 
Modern Design on the Best Tractors 

It is with honest pride that E-B designers 
can look on the tractor industry today with 
the knowledge that Emerson-Brantingham has 
given to the world most of the important feat- 

K-B (Big Four) al Wiiiniiieg Molor C"otit«st in I'HO 

ures that are considered standard construction 
on high grade tractors today. 

Foremost among these is the four cylinder 
kerosene burning tractor motor. In this in- 
stance, although the Eniei'son-Brantingham 
motor has had many imitators, none have 
reached the degree of perfection attained on 
the E-B motor, which has only been made pos- 
sible by the years of experimental and develop- 
ment work spent on it before other Companies 
were manufacturing this type of motor or in 

Second, and not less important is the K-ll 
enclosed multiple speed transmission running 

in an oil bath. This feature alone has saved 
E-B tractor owners thousands of dollars in 
gear repairs and much more in time. 

Another big money and time saver that 
originated on E-B tractors is the heavy duty 
roller bearings with which all h]-B tractors have 
been equipped for years. 

In the early days, ignition was one of the 
bugbears of the tractor industry. 13atteries 
were the old stand bys. Low tension magnetos 
were a little improvement, but batteries were 
still necessary for starting. It was not until 
high tension magneto ignition was installed in 

One 1)1' I hf fiisl liuititrs equipped with Hyatt Roller 
Rearitigs (K-B Big Four 1913) 

E-B tractors and the impulse starting system 
worked out that the old unreliable battery 
system could be discarded. 

E-Bi2-2o Model AA 


S A'E* Ratin^Tractoi 

Like Produces Like— A Tractor Can Be No 
Better Than The Factory That Builds It 

Be Sure the Tractor You Buy is Built in a Factoiy Equipped 
with the Machinery to Turn Out Accurate Work 

Now that skilled labor is scarce, more de- 
pends on the factory than ever. Building 
tractors requires extremely accurate work, in 
many cases down to a thousandth part of an 
inch. Today, with the government calling out 
all America's expert workmen the burden is 
placed squarely on the factory. The Emerson- 
Brantingham Company has always made E-B 
tractors largely with the aid of modern auto- 
matic machinery and has recently added a 
large new addition completely equipped with 
the latest type of machines capable of produc- 
ing the most accurate work with the least man 
power. E-B owners are further safe guarded 
by the most rigid inspection system ever in- 
stalled in a tractor factory. Ill very part, no 
matter how small and unimportant, is passed 
on by the inspection department. Perfect 
parts do not make a perfect tractor, however, 
unless properly assembled, and this is deter- 
mined in the E-B factory beyond the shadow of 

a doubt by two thorough tests. The motors 
are fu'st tested separately on a test block as 
they come from the assembly floor. A second 
test is made on tlu^ completed tractor to make 
sure it is worthv to bear the V^-\^ trade mark. 

Shi|ipiii^ 'rra(*t.<>rH hy Llie Xrain LoaJ frcmi Llie 
Vj-\i Trai:lor Works 


New Addition to K-B Tractor Works — Building on right Faetory Office 



SA'E'Ratin^ Tractor 


The Most Power for the Weight and 
Money Ever Offered 

E-B 12-20 Model A A, A Three Plow Tractor with power to pull 
Four Plows in Stubble or Easy Plowing 

Unlike an automobile, a traclor inust not 
only propel iLself, biiL also must have sufficient 
power left to do a reasonable amount of work. 
The amount of this surplus power is dependent 
on two things — the weight of the tractor and 
the friction drag. 

Every extra pound of weight over what is 
actually necessary for strength, saps a little 
power from the motor and reduces its tractive 
efficiency. Besides, you are paying good 
money for fuel to move useless metal. In addi- 
tion, it makes climbing grades more difficult and 
tends to nnre down the tractor in soft ground. 

On the E-B 12-20 Model AA, owing to the 
extreme simplicity and compactness of design, 
which has been patented, we have been able to 
greatly reduce the weiglit and also increase 
the strength. 

Although the E-B 12-20 Model AA is very 
conservatively rated and much more powerful 
than its rating indicates, it w'eighs less than 
the average weight of the ten leading 8-16 
tractors vou are familiar with. 


:■',-!! 12-20 Modi-l AA pulls Irom four U> six discs in 
ihe liarjleal kind of soil 

Tin: K-IS 12-20 MoikW AA is a <hr<M? plow truclor 

It is also small in size — smaller than some 
B-l6's, making it more convenient for the 
driver, handier to operate in cramped quarters, 
easier to take apart or repair and no more <'x- 
pensivc to house than a small wagon. 

It will do all the work that a r(-asonabIe 
operator could possibly expect of a tractor of 
its rating an<l liavc powt^r to spare. 

The E-B 12-20 AIo:lel A A is all tractor. It 
will give yon the maximum power for the least 
money, it will pull a full 12-20 load and still 
have plenty of powder in reserve for an 

E-B 12-20 Model A A 

S AE- Rat i n^ Tract o i 

E-B 12-20 (Model AA) 100% Efficient— Does Belt 
Work Equally As Well As Draw Bar Work 

All All Year Round Machine— Makes You Indei^endent of Outside 

Power- -Enables You to do Your Belt Work Cheaper 

and at Your Own Convenience 

has boon amply provided for in the E-B 12-20 
Modd AA. We wish you to note particularly 
the position of the belt pulley at the rear of the 

as iniportarit to you 
1 1 enables you to keep 

Unless your tractor is also (>spefjally designed 
for bolt work, you are losing half of the bent^fits 
of owning a tractor and iiicreasiny' its cost to 
you per hour for service. 

Belt power is nearly 
as the draw bar power, 
the tractor busy at all 
seasons, thereby 
greatly decreasing its 
cost to you per hour of 
service. It makes you 
independent of out- 
side power — no need 
to put oif your work 
till your neighbor gets 
through using his pow- 
er — no waiting for the 
thresherman — you d o 
your belt work at your 
own convenience when 
the time is ripe. 

To successfully 
handle belt work, how- 
ever, your tractor 
must be particularly 
designed for it. This 

|l»- El.ll I'lilU-v Is In.ifi- I In- I'ioor (nil of I lie Way 

tractor and parallel to the axle. This position 
lias three big advantages. 1st, it makes it pos- 
sible to hook up the machine being operated to 

tlie tractor draw bar 
and moved without 
taking off the belt. 
2nd, It is easier to 
make a set. 3rd, 
When not in use it is 
entirely out of the 

On the IvB 12-20 
Model A A the bell 
pulley shaft runs on 
Hyatt roller bearings 
so that friction isrediic- 
ed to the miniiiuirn. 
By a simple operation 
it can be disconnected 
from the transmission 
so that it will not run 
when not needed for 
belt work. 

Till' Hi-iir I'lill.-y is llii^ Most Convciiicnl Wsij' of litvitiiig ii 'rruclor lo a Miicliinc 

E-Bi2-2o Model AA 

S AE- Ratin^Tractor 

E-B Patented Transmission Makes Possible More 

Compact Construction Hence Greater Strength, 

Lighter Weight, More Power, Less Cost to You 

On the \'A] 12-20 jModcl AA it is not neces- 
sary to have a big long built up frame of 
chainiel bars and angles or a lu'avy cast frame 
— ^just the two sliort cliaiuiels of sloel bent into 
the shape of a I! that >'ou see in the cut. The 

Fiiinii- < Ions I ruction -thin Thiiri; Siti Anvlhiiif; mon; Sitiipl« 'ri"'" This? 

E-B patented short coupled 
transmission makes this 
construction possible, INote 
in the illustration how short 
the transniission case is 
and that the rear axle and 
transmission form a single 
unit. All the frame is 
needed for is to conned 
the transmission case with 
the front axle and only Iou^a 
en(nigh to form a nioimt- 
ing for the motor. It also 
greatly reduces the number 
of parts and therefore the 
cost to you. This con- 
struction has many ad- 
vantages. It saves an en- 
ormous weight of useless 
metal that would cost you 

money in the original purchase price of the 
tractor and ever after in fuel to move 
around when your tractor was working. 
The L shape of the front allows the wheels to 
be cramped in, permitting the tractor to turn 
in a radius of 123^ feet. 

Front A\le Slecl 

The front girt to which 
the channels are bolted is a 
single casting of semi-steel 
strong enough to withstand 
any strain to which it 
may be subjected. Tlie 
front axle is cast steel, it 
is pivoted to the front girt 
allowing tlie axle free move- 
ment when travel hig over 
rough ground or obstacles. 

Automobile t>pe steering 

mechanism is used and the 

' steering knuckles are cast 

steel. The steering ^YO^m 

Fraiiio with Traiisniissiim MounUid — More llii; <:l)nl[);lc^l (^uiislruolioii of the 
TransTiiissioii C^awe. 


E-B 12-20 Model AA 

and gear are mounted on the frame in an oil 
and dust tight case. Pack the case full of hard 
or semi-hard oil in the spring and you can 
forget it Lill the following year. 

The front wlieels are large in diameter with 
wide tires making it easier to operate on sofL or 
rough ground. They are built up steel wilh 
flat staggered spokes hot^riveted to the rim 
and hub. 

Hear A\ heels 

The rear wheels 
are built up steel 
with wide flat stag- 
gered spokes hot 
riveted to the hubs 
and rims. The rims 
arc made with a 
turned edge making 
a light and stronger 
rim and one that 
stony roads can not 
crimp up the edges. 
The hubs are cast of 
semi steel making 
the best construc- 

U<^ar wheel lugs fumislird aw 
regular equipmeiil 

S-A-E- Ra ti ni Tracto r 

tion possible to produce. The lugs furnished 
regularly are bolted on so that they can be 
removed at any time. 

Dust Shields Protect Operator 

Dust shields the full width of the drive 
wheels and with side shields that completely 
partitions off the operator's platform from the 
dust and dirt are provided. 

Plows On Hills 

K-n 12-20 Model A A plows on side hills 
wliere plowing is practical. It is wi(h; enough, 
with the center of gravity low en(^)ugh, to work 
on side hills too steep for any ordinary wagon 
to travel with safety. All four wheels track 
and all four wheels run on the unplowcd ground, 
thus getting rid of a very serious complaint by 
some farmers who have used other types of ma- 
chines. The draw bar has a wide lateral adjust- 
ment wiiich can be made quickly by pulling 
out a pin and reinserting it when the adjust- 
ment is made. A vertical adjustment of 4 inches 
is possible by removing four bolts. The clear- 
ance under tlie draw bar is from TIJ^ to 15J/2 
inches accordiiiii' to wh(^re the draw^ bar is set. 

Coniplelc assembly wilhout sheet iiielal eoverlng. IS'ote Iho simple compaci (-onslructioii. 



S-A'E-Ratin^ Tractor 

AU Gears On E-B 12-20 Model AA Tractor 
Entirely Enclosed from Dust and Dirt 

E-B Design also Postively Prevents Gears Getting out of 
Alignment — A Double Insurance Against Trouble 

A sit any tractor owner what part of a tractor 
fails first and in ninety cases out of a 
liundrcd he will tell you the gears. In the 
uvei'age tracLor they cither get out of align- 
ment and break from being mounted partly 
in a ease and partly on the frame or they 
quickly grind themselves out by being left 
open and unprotected from the dust and grit 
which in many localities makes as good a cut- 
ting compound as powdered emery. 

On the EJi f2-20 Model AA you arc abso- 
lutely protected from the danger of these 
troubles. All the transmission gears and rear 

axle are housed in the same oil Light dust 
proof gear case. This gear case is a single 
rigid casting with a removable cover for in- 
spection, so thaL it is absolutely impossible for 
any of the gears or the rear axle to get out of 
alignment, no matter wliat strain th(^ tractor 
frame is subject Lo, as all the bearings are 
housed in the same casting. 

'Vim two master gears and the two dri\'e 
pinions are housed in two dust proof sheet 
steel cases located one on each side of the frame. 
This construction permits all bearings to 
run in oil at all times. All gears are machine 

Note ihe siinplicily and yet perfect protccLioii of tlu; E-11 drive pinion iind inaslcr gear casings — siinit- 

constcoction on holh rigiil and It^f't sides. 

E-B 12-20 Model A A 

cut by automatic; tiiacliJnery and all driving 
gears run on Hyatt Roller bearings. All gears 
or shafts subject to thrust are equipped with 
Bantam ball thrust bearings. The solid bar 
steel rear axle which runs through the trans- 

S A-E- Rati n^Tractor 

Top view of K-H 'riaiismiHsion (Uis*; wilh cover removed. 

mission case is a live axle and 
also runs on Hyatt Holler 
bearings mounted iii the case, 
and running in oil. The gears 
are shifted by a ball and 
socket type shifting lever 
similar to that used on the 
higlitist priced automobiles. 
The gears lock into place on 
each change. Two speeds for- 
ward are provided of 1.81 miles 
per hour and 2.33 miles per 
hour. Reverse 1.81 miles per 
hour. Drives are direct on all 

'rhrcslier Pulley 

tractor (the natural position) in a separate com- 
partment of the transmission case. With the 
pulley in this position it is not necessary to 
r(Mnove the thresher belt to move the outfit. 

The pulley shaft runs on heavy duty Hyatt 
Roller bearings and both bearings and 
gears operate in an oil bath. When not in 
use the pulley gears can be disconnected from 
the driving gear, by a simple operation 
so that the pulley will remain idle. Inasmuch 
as the thresher pulley eompartnient is sepa- 
rated from the main part of the transmission 
ease by a partition and the thresher gears only 
need operate part of the time the compart- 
rn(>nt can he tilled with a semi fluid grade of oil. 

Uidikc many other tractors a separate 
ehitch is not used for the thresher pulley but 
it is controlled by the main clutch which will 
handle the fidl power of the motor w^ithout 

thresher pulley is 1 2 
in diameter with 6^-g 


inch face. It is directly 
geared to the main drive shaft 
and runs 900 R. P. M., the 
same speed as the motor. It 
is located at the rear of the 

Scctioiial vit-iv of E-B Irinismissiem Oiisc showing roller itud luill liearings and oil 
It^vel ill iiiLiiti ca?sijig Jiiid tlirrKlit^r ^ear cuinijiart iiieti I. 


S'AE- Ra t i nS Tractor 

E-B Tractors Always Known as The 
Four Cylinder Line 

The many advantages of the four cylinder motor 

were recognized and adopted by E-B 

engineers eleven years ago 

Assuming that imitation is the sinccrest 
praise the foresight of E-B designers in adopt- 
ing and developing the four cylinder motor 
for E-B tractor power has been amply demon- 
strated in the past year or two. Nearly all 
large tractor manufacturers who have persist- 
ently clung to the old one and two cylinder 
types of motors have finally put out four cy- 
linder models. 

The substitute, however, is never as good as 
the original and the experience gained by the 
Emerson-Brantinghara Co., in the manufac- 
ture of one type of motor for eleven years can- 
not be duplicated. 

The E-B line sLands supreme as the only 
standardized four cvlinder kerosene line. 

Why E-B Designers SelecLed ihc Four 
Cylinder Motor 

1 — Constant power — see diagram at bottom 

of page. 
2 — More elastic power— will deliver power at 

a wider range of speeds. 
'A — Lighter weight for the power. 
4— Practically eliminates vibration. 
5 — More conipact~can be put in smaller space. 
6-^Easier to start. 
7 — Easier to repair. 
8 — More economical of cooling water. 
9 — More reliable under varying conditions 

of service. 
10 — The kind of power plant any auto owner 

can understand and the local garage man 

can repair. 




Diugi-am showing number of power strok*;^ per rcvolutiou of driver <Ic!Ivere(l Lc> drive wlii;ul by tUree types of molors, 
each black st^ction re]>rcscnla ouc power imiuilsc slruke 



E-B 12-20 Model AA<|^^ ^ fe> SAERatin^Tractor 

Consider This Well in Bnying A Tractor — 
Is The Motor Accessible 

Look it over carefully aiul be sure you can 
get at every part quickly if need be, for it may 
save you the loss of much valuable time or 
even the loss of a crop. 

Your tractor is often many miles from town 
and on account of its slow speed cannot be 
driven into the local garage and dissembled 
like your autoinobile. You must make any 
repairs that are necessary quickly in the field 
and you don't want to take the entire machine 
apart to gcL at it out there in the dirt whore 
parts are easily lost or covered with dust. 

On the E=H 12-20 Model AA this feature has 
been carefully worked out and ample provision 

has been made for getting at any part of the 
motor. Two large inspection plates are pro- 
vided in the right hand side of the motor base 
which are easily removed. The operator sitting 
comfortably on a small box or block facing 
the motor can make any adjustments neces- 
sary on the connecting rod bearings or even 
remove the pistons. 

Other parts of the motor, although entirely 
enclosed to keep out the dirt, can easily be 
reached. In fact, on the E-B motor it is an 
easy job to remove the cyhnders, as the motor 
is free from the mass of piping and wiring com- 
monly found on tractor motor. 

*.-^ ■.. 

E-B 12-20 Model A A 

SAE' Rating Tractor 

The E-B 12-20 H. P. (S.A.E. Rating) Kerosene Motor 
Is the Last Word in Tractor Power Plant Construction 

Designed by Experts backed by Eleven Years Tractor Experience- 
Built in the E-B Tractor Plant by Automatic Machinery 

The E-B 20 11. P. (S. A. E. Rating) Kerosene 
Motor was particularly designed for operation 
on the E-B 12-20 Model AA Tractor and is 
manufactured in the E-B factory. Purchasers 
of the E-B Model AA Tractors are thus abso- 
lutely protected from the ills of stock motors, 
converted gasoline motors and light weight 
automobile motors. It is a heavy duty mod- 
erate speed four cylinder motor that will pull 
its full load on kerosene twenty-four hours 
a day if necessary. 

It embodies all the advantages of previous 
E-B kerosene tractor motors and many new 
features that cannot be oblained on any 
other motor. 

Only High Grade Accessories Used 

The materials used in the various parts are 
the best, Lhat can be obtained for their respect- 

lii'ilit li:in(l view of \Iolor sliowins Masnelo. Vator Fuutp and Tnspci-lion Tlales In 
Oil Casing. Nolt; also Clulch Siiriiig in Fly Vt'liecL 


ive purposes and are manufac Lured by mac;hin- 
ery producing absolutely accurate and highly 
finished work. 

All accessories are of standard manufacture — 
the best in their respective lines and include 
the Bennett carburetor, BenncLt air cleaner, 
K. W. high tension impulse starting magneto, 
Modine radiator and Bantam ball Ihrust 

Built for Hard Service 

All working parts are completely enclosed 
and dust tight. The cylinders are cast in 
pairs and are free from the great mass of piping 
and wires so coirunon in some motors and 
can be removed very quickly if necessary. The 
oil casing is provided with two large inspection 
plates and is also split so that by taking out a 
few ca[) sc-rews the whole bottom may be re- 
moved thus exposing the 
crank shaft and bearings 
without disturbing the rest 
of the motor. All the parts 
are designed for hard service 
and ai^e made much strong- 
er than is common in auto- 
mobile practice. The bear- 
ings are exceptionally large 
and ample provision is 
made for their thorough 


The pistons are designed 
especially for kerosene ser- 
vice and are tapered at the 
top to take care of the ex- 
pansion from tlie added 
lieaL generated by kerosene. 
The connecting rods are 
drop forged and exception- 


K-U I'islon — note Imavy 
liirj^c Hearings 

E-B 12-20 Model A A 

ally strong. They are 
four bolt type and the 
bearings are easily ad- 
justed. The lower bear- 
ing caps are provided 
with a splash finger that 
aids in throwing the oil 
well over the various 
bearings within the crank 

Adequate Liibrica Lion 

Motor lubrication is 
most important on a 
kerosene burning motor 
and every means has 
i)een provided in the E-B 
12-20 Model AA Tractor 
to insure perfect lubri- 
cation imder all condi- 
tions. The splash system 
is used, assisted by an oil 

pump. Th(^ engine oil reservoir holds 3 gallons 

of oil, and an oil gauge is provided on the oil 

casing to show the oil level. 

An oil gauge is also placed on the dash in 

plain sight of the operator. If the oil pressure 

is too low, or if the oil 

density is too thin, or if the 

oil system is clogged up the 

gauge will not show oil. 
The oil in the crank case 

can be run several days. 

The only bearings on the 

motor that need attention 

every day arc the fan and 

pump bearings which are 

provided with grease cups. 


CI u I eh 

The clutch is cone type, 
located in the lly wheel. It 
is provided with ball thrust 
bearings. The lining is 
high grade asbestos fab- 
ric. Accessibility is one of 
the features of this clutch. 
It is provided with four 
springs, instead of one 
heavy spring, which are 
much more accessible and 

SA'E- Rating Tractor 

E-B Cone Type Clutch — -note the four springs which 
can be easily adjusLed 

easier to adjust. A brake is provided to pre- 
vent the clutch spinning when disengaged. 

Lefl Iictiid view sliowing Csirlmrelor and iVlaiiifi>l<l 

E-B 12-20 Model AA 

SAERatin^ Tractor 

E-B Gear Driven Centrifugal Waler Circulatiiiy Pumi) 

E-B Cooling System Most Efficient 
One of the most distinctive features of E-B 
Kerosene Motors is the coohng system. The 
water spaces around the cylinders are made 
larger than gasoline engine practice demands 
so that the added heat generated by the kero- 
sene will not be injurious. Especial provision 
is also made for water circulation around the 


valves and spark plugs. This is most im- 
portant, as one of the great troubles in the 
ordinary motors not designed for kerosene has 
been with spark plugs becoming overheated 
and causing preignition. The entire cooling 
system has a capacity of 7 gallons. The radi- 
ator is the Modinc Spirex, and the water is 
circulated by a gear driven centrifugal pump. 
The fan is also gear driven (no belt to get 
loose or break) and is provided with a self- 
operating spring clutch so that in any sudden 
change in speed the fan or gears will not be 

A horizontal fly ball throttling governor of 
E-B design and manufacture controls the 
motor speed at all times. The governor and 
hand throttle have sej)arate butterfly 
valves so that the motor cannot be raced. The 
governor is on the inside of the motor case and 
runs in an oil bath. 


^^The ignition on the E-B 12-20 Model AA 
Tractor is the K. W. high tension system with 
the K. W. impulse starting magneto, mounted 
on brass away from the heat of the engine. The 
impulse starter enables the operator to turn over 
tlic motor slowly and get a spark for starting 
the same as if batteries were used. It is not 
necessary to spin the motor. 

^Iodine Sj>lrcx Hiidiiilor 

K. \t . Hif;h Tension [nipiili^r Slartlng Maj-nclo 

E-B 12-20 Model AA <#-^SA-ERat in^ Tractor 

Not a Makeshift, But a Real 
Kerosene Motor 

There are two general wa\s of burning kero- 
sene, both of which have their advantages and 
disadvantages. One is to run the cylinder ex- 
tremely hot and admit the kerosene into it cold 
in the form of a spray, trusting to the heat of 
the cylinder to vaporize it. This system is 
often wasteful of fuel and the intense heat 
makes lubrication difficult and expensive. The 

Bi;iiiiell K('-ros«ii« (^iirhtirntor 

other method is to heat the manifold and vapor- 
ize the kerosene in that way. This method is 
a make shift used on converted gasoline motors. 
It reduces the power of the motor as the heated 
manifold expands the gas to such an extent 
that the cylinders only get a weak charge. The 
E-B method of burning kerosene is distinctive 
and free from the disadvantages of other gen- 
erally used methods. 

The cylinders and manifold are run com- 
paratively cool, therefore the cylinders get a 
full concentrated charge and lubrication is made 
easy. A special Bennett Carburetor is used 

(the most expensive manufactured) in which 
the kerosene is first vaporized as much as 
possible by means of jets and then thrown a- 
gainst the hot walls of a heated chamber of 
the carburetor which changes the vapor into 
a perfect gas without superheating as is the 
case with a heated manifold. The gas is also 
cooled to some extent by passing through the 
cool manifold. 

The gasoline tank holds 4 gallons and the 
kerosene tank 20 gallons. The fuels arc 
changed or controlled by two valves located 
on the dash. Provision for injecting water 
with the fuel is provided for cleaning the cyl- 
inders and for operating under heavy load. 
The carburetor is equipped with a hot air 
damper controlled from the dash for supply- 
ing the heat in the carburetor. 

Gravity feed to the carburetor is used. 

Bennett Air Cleaner 

The dust from a dry field going into the 
motor through the carburetor plays an im- 
portant part in the life of a motor and if 
allowed to get into the motor will mix with 
the lubricating oil and cut with telling etfect 
on the pistons, rings, cylinder walls and all 
bearing surfaces of the motor. E-B motors 
are amply protected from this b> a Bennett Cleaner which is installed in the air line so 
that every bit of 
air entering the 
carburetor is thor- 
oughly cleaned and 
no dirt or grit can 
enter the cylinder. 

This is an acces- 
sory that is very 
necessary to the life 
of the engine and 
is supplied on the 
E-B 12-20 Model 
AA Tractor as reg- 
ular equipment and 
should lengthen the 
life of your machine 
several years. Ben runt Air cif^nnf^r 

E"Bi2-2o Model AA 

SA'E-Ratin^ Tractor 

E-B 12-20 Model AA is the Last Word in a Farm Tractor 

Easy to Handle Practically Trouble Proof- Economical to Operate 
Powerful Enough to do the Work Properly and Its 
Design Insures Long Life. 

The Most Modem and Practical Tractor 
ever Designed 

_ The E-B 12-20 Model AA is the most prac- 
tical tractor ever designed and is better adapted 
for conditions as they exist today than any 
other machine. There is not a single freak 
feature embodied in its construction. Every 
part is of a recognized standard design and free 
from complications. It is as near trouble proof 
as it is possible to make a tractor and witli 
ordinary care will do the work it is designed 
for in a most gratifying way. The absolute 
protection given all working parts and the high 
quahty of the accessories and bearings is an 
insurance to you against excessive wear in any 
part of the machine and a guaranty for a long 

Ease of Operation 

The E-B 12-20 Model AA is a small tractor 
with big power, and was especially designed 
for operation by women or boys. The control 
mechanism is exactly the same as on many 
automobiles and is just as easy to handle. 
The auto type steering column is provided 
with the customary spark and throttle levers. 
The gear shift lever is ball and socket type 
and only one foot pedal is used— a combined 
clutch and brake pedal. 

On the dash are the oil gauge, gasoline valve, 
kerosene valve, hot air damper and water valve! 

A comfortable steel spring seat is provided 
for the operator that gives an unobstructed 
view ahead. 

General Equipment and Finish 

The E-B 12-20 Model AA Tractor is fully 
equipped and assend^lcd ready to start wh(5n 
you receive it. A metal tool box with a pad- 
lock hasp is located in convenient position 
under the operator's seat. 1 1 is nicely painted, 

striped and varnished with red body and green 
running gear. 

You need never be ashamed of your E-B 
tractor. We take greafpains in the iinish and 
it is all you could desire. 

Extra Furrow Guide 

E-lt 12-20 Mi).lcl AA Furrow (iuidc. 

A. furrow guide can he fur-nished as an extra 
at an additional cost that will make the tractor 
self steering while plowing. It is a very simple 
device, consisting of an extension spindle which 
is bolted on to the right hand front wdieel. A 
bent pipe which runs in the furrow is provided 
with a bearing which rides on the spindle, thus 
enabling the pipe to move up and down ver- 
tically to provide for the uneveness of the 
ground and to allow the pipt; to be lifted at the 
end of the furrow. This is accomplished by 
means of a rope running back to the operator's 
seat. This spindle is long enough so that the 
guide can be adjusted for plowing with two or 
more bottoms. 


E-B 12-20 Model A A 

S A'E- Ratin^Tractor 

E-B No. 102 and 103 Self Lift Tractor Plows 

No. 102 two or tJiree 
boLtom convertible — 
No. 103 t]iree> or four 
boL Lorn convertible, 
equipped witli IvB 
quick detachable 

Most compact plow 

The quickest raising 
plow ever designed. 
Wheels carry weight 
of plow both in worlv- 
ing position and for 

E-H Ni>. 102 Self lifl I'li.u (-(luipix-d willi tliriH! botUiims 

The E-B No. 104 Self Lift Tractor Disc Plow 

A pull on the rope 
starts the discs into the 
f^round and 21 inches of 
travel puts them into the 
depth as set by the levers. 

This plow was built to 
plow when you are ready. 
It's made for dry, hard 
land or for land in per- 
fect condition to plow. 

It's 1) u i 1 1 strong, 
sturdy, to withstand tin* 
strain put upon it, and as 
the entire weight of the 
frame, discs and the 
earth they turn is carried 
on lh(i three thoroughly 
lubricated wheels, light 
draft is assured. It cuts 
clean 3 feet wide, 
equipped with eiLlier 1 or 

5 discs without ridges or scallops in the bottom 
of lh*» furrows. 


lUB ^o. 101 Tra<t()r Disc flow also be (Hjuipped with interchangeable 
moldboard bottoms. 



E-B Spike Tooth Harrows 

E-B Spike Too ill Harrows 

E-B spike tooth harrows are made in one, 
two, three or four sections and arc particularly 
adapted for tractor use. The two front bars 
may be set at a different slant increasing the 
pulverizing qualties of the harrow. A latch is 
provided to keep tfie hitch from unhooking. 

E-B Disc and Tandem Attachment 

E-B Disc and Tandem Atlachnieiit 

This outfit is especiallv adapted for use with 
the E-B 12-20 iAIodel AA Tractors. The con- 
struction of the front frame is exception- 
ally strong, being made of one piece of heavy 
steel built in the form of a triangle, thoroughly 
braced and reinforced with extra bar. 

Heavy angle steel stub tongue. Quadrants 
are steel instead of cast iron. The levers are 
exceptionally long. 

E-R DiKc and Tandem Altachmrtcnl; 

E-B Engine Disc Harrows 

F-B No. fiOC Kngiiif Disc Harrow 

E-B Engine Disc Harrows 

The E-B No. 60-C is a strong and durable 
disc harrow, constructed for engine work only. 
Built in tw^o sections with large weight pan be- 
tween. Front section is set so discs throw out 
while rear section is set so discs throw in, there- 
by completely cutting the entire surface of the 
field. Cuts a strip ten feet wide. Is ecjuippcd 
with forty 16-inch blades. With all discs set 
straight, it makes a first-class sub-surface 
packer. Can also be furnished with seeder 

E-B 12-20 Model AA 

SAE* Rating Tractor 

The Geiser Small Tractor Thresher 

Gciscr No. i and Nu. 5 ^msill Iractor lliresher, especially ndapU'tl for use 'H'itli 12-20 Lraotors 

Grain farmei's owning gas tractors are paying 
double for what they are getting out of their 
tractors — tlicy buy tractors equipped with both 
a]draw beir and a pulley and then go out and 
hire their threshing done, when a Geiser SmaJl 
Tractor*Thresher would save their (jRAIN — 
MONEY and TIME and make them independ- 
ent. It is a little machine with a big capacity. 

t^Kiser No. 3 Threaher 

Cleans by wind and gravity in such a way that 
the cleaning is practically perfect. Few parts, 
no unnecessary material to add weight. Work- 
manlike construction and efficient design. It is 
a grain saver and cleaner, it has been built for 
sixty years and in lai'ger numbers every year. 
Built in sizes 24 x 32 and 27 x 39. Adapted to 
either steam or kerosene power. 

Geiser No. 3 

The Geiser No. 3 Thresher 
is 25 X 29, has four wheels, 
with elevator and folding straw 
carrier. This machine is well 
adapted where crops are not 
large and much hauling is to be 
done, as it is light and easy to 
handle. Easily driven by a 6 
1 1 P. steam engine or by a good 8 H. P. gas- 
oline engine. Anyone can operate it and do 
good work. Working parts have a rotary mo- 
tion, are well balanced, causing the machine to 
run very light, requiring less power than any 
other machine of same size. A good buck- 
wheat, pea and bean thresher. 



The "E,-B" Line of 
Farm Machinery has 
been successfully 
used by generations 
of American Farm- 
ers. The best of 
materials and work- 
manship, prove their 
value in ''L-B" ma- 

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